Corporate Events

Business travelers, CALL US before booking your next hotel accommodation!!

During major conventions and trade shows, your company can easily spend $500-$700 a night for hotel rooms near the convention center.

That can add up to over $3,500 per week, per room.

If your company sends just 6 representatives to a trade show or convention, with 3 rooms required, you can easily spend over $2100 per night just for lodging. Executive Housing Strategies can help companies cut their lodging budget substantially and can often provide them, via our inventory of vacation properties, with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, spa, gym, pool and many other amenities not found at many hotels.

With our network of affiliates we can upgrade your accommodations in every way from a typical hotel room. We can also provide complete concierge services such as arranging flights, car rentals and leisure activities.  When it comes to corporate events, EHS delivers the complete package!
Browse our available rental “Inventory”, then call us to make an offer and save money today!

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