I have been a client of executive housing strategies (EHS) since the Fall of 2015.
I have excess Wyndham Timeshare points, and EHS has been great at finding renters. Payments received using Paypal have been quick and easy.
The initial membership fee with EHS has been recovered in less than the first year of my association with EHS.
I look forward to a long relationship with EHS to find renters to offset my Wyndham Maintenance Fees which are now $12K per year.
This is not about making a profit, only offsetting my high expenses.

Thank You again.
Jim Clauss

James Clauss

Renter Testimonial: Great customer service and the best rate!

Wilfredo Perez

Thanks so much to Samantha and Kelly for helping me get a great rental on a beautiful property.
I am looking forward to spending a great weekend there. I will definitely use EHS again,the whole
process was so easy. Thanks!!!

Linda Pudwill


Thank you to all at EHS for making 2016 a great year.    Here are a few items I noticed in my review...

Your concept of getting paid for reservations made, similar to cruise ship reservations, is far better than most other timeshare rental systems.   Other systems in use by timeshare rental agencies delay the owner's payment until the nights have been used by the renter, OR EVEN LATER.

Paypal has been safe and useful, as well, with low or no fees for money exchanges.

  1. The 20 total rentals in your spreadsheet match the $11,406 to date that EHS has found for me in year 2016.
  2. Some of the rentals, for approx. 25 nights have already been used in 2016 by the renters you found for me.
  3. Another 60+ nights are already booked for 2017, but as mentioned above, I have already received payment for these nights.
  4. I had enough bookings from EHS to recoup my EHS fee within 9 months of being a member.   I became an EHS member in late-2015.
  5. Not only have I recouped my EHS fee, but 2 OTHER Timeshare rental agency fees (done prior to EHS contact) that did not produce what EHS has generated to date.

Thank You Again & hope that our partnership continues....

James Clauss

Kelly was great help in a friend's resort reservation

Roy McKinnley

I received payment in full promptly.

My experience was overall good. I had a phone problem on my end that interfered with the back and forth contact but with perseverance it worked out. Not doing this before I had a time with the actually easy process. My next one will be smoother. I think the difficulty this time was on my end.


Cris Hamilton

So I was very skeptical about this program....I have been paying my maintenance fees for years and not utilizing my timeshare. I'm so glad this opportunity with Executive Housing Strategies came along!!! Oh my gosh,where have you been all these years. Laura was very clear in all the explanations and details about the program. I asked if I were her sister if she would recommend this program....yes in a heartbeat. I know there are many of us folks that saw the excitement of a timeshare during the visit and presentation. But for me I was just not able to take advantage of it...but I'm so glad that this program is available and takes some stress off and hopefully I will be able to reap some rewards of this timeshare....FINALLY!!...Talk with Laura...she is the best.

Vicki Brashear

I was very pleased with Christiane.  She was very patient with me and helped me complete the process since it was my first rental.  I would be pleased to work with her in the future.  Thank you.

Margaret Bachle

I just signed on last night with EHS, was feeling a bit skeptical but the advisor Laura Rodriguez was patient, professional and made sense. "Why not make some money back on my timeshare if I don't have time to use it." she was pleasant professional and helpful. She walked me through each step and reassured me with their website they were legitimate company. They are also listed with and promoted by the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, who wouldn't promote just anybody with proper vetting. So I'm in and hoping to get out some profit, and use their concierge services when I can travel.

Thank you Colin Asinari and Laura Rodriguez for your professional and pleasant assistance.

Melinda Ricker
Kennebunk, ME

Melinda Ricker

Renter Testimonial: I was able to reserve my suite at Manhattan Club for a great rate! The staff is so helpful and walked me through the entire process. I will be returning for future travel inquiries.

Colleen Luke




We LOVED Club Azul.  The weather was terrific, the room we were offered was perfect (ground floor with a door right out to the pool) and San Jose del Cabo was much nicer than Cabo San Lucas.


Mike Forney

Mike Forney

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Christianna Matthews on several occasions over the last year. Ms Matthews has been more than helpful when dealing with the rental of my properties, she has been invaluable to me and my needs and the needs of the renters. Christianna has represented the Executive Housing Strategies company with professionalism and she should be recognized for her hard work for not only me, but for all the property owners and customers she comes in contact with.

James E. Vitale

James Vitale 9/17/15

Our rental was very satisfying. We was contacted promptly and treated professionally. Was quick and easy to handle. Very appreciative on how helpful and smooth it was. Thank you.

Craig Cope

I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service you provided! You made it so easy for me to rent my villa because you guided me through the whole process very gently but clearly. When I was hesitant about the next step, you were always there to assure me how to proceed. And when I was feeling dubious that anything would come of it, you worked your magic and made it all happen. It is a pleasure to be your client!

With admiration, best wishes, and sincere gratitude,
Barbara Hanning

Barbara Hanning 12/1/15

I will say the one successful encounter we had for rental was a pleasant experience and things went smoothly. We look forward to more rewarding experiences dealing with Executive Housing Strategies in the future for many years to come.
The only negative I have to say is the limited contacts and requests.

Sherry Rickett

My name is Sandy Bushman member of Capital Resorts and I would like to give them a great review as they were very helpful with the rental property. Very pleased. Samantha and Loretta were very helpful.

Sandy Bushman

EHS has been professional, courteous and helpful throughout. They work quickly to complete the rental documents to complete the rental and followup.

Jane Burger

The process was very streamline and everyone I spoke with from the company was very professional and productive.

Frank Cervellino

I have experience the best results with Executive Housing Strategies. I have recovered almost all the expenses and have been able to have my unused weeks go to folks who want to enjoy a vacation. This is certainly a win-win proposition. I will recommend this to my friends.

Mary Hendy

I have been a client of EHS for one year. They got me a very good rental and used points I was unable to use this year. The staff talked me through the rental and payment process, it was very easy and went smoothly. I feel confident that EHS will be able to provide me with more rentals in the future.

Patti Boone

Renter Testimonial:

Christianna was a huge help in booking my vacation to the Tradewinds Resort. She explained everything thoroughly and was very quick with handling my request.

Ray Fletcher

Renter Testimonial: Samantha was able to get us the best rates for Coachella! 

Kimberlyn Espinoza

We just completed our first rental agreement and the process was easier than we thought it would be. Samantha walked us through each step. We are looking forward to further to a long association. 

Ruth Bohling

Thanks for the help Christianna.  You made the rental process very easy and straightforward.  Your suggestion to get most of the process completed prior to the day the units became available was critical as the units sold out very quickly.  We are looking forward to the trip.

Tom Willis

Tom Willis

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for getting the money into my Paypal account so quickly.  I really appreciated the work that Kelly and yourself did to make my first rental, after paying $2195 two years ago, finally happen.  You restored some faith in your company that I had lost a long time ago.  Two years was a long time to sit on our investment, without anything happening.  You ladies handled everything in a professional way, and I did enjoy working this through with you.  You were very helpful in helping me through my first time doing this.  If you could find me another short rental for $600-$800 (Preferably $800) by the end of the year, you could accomplish what the salesperson said would be the benefit of this investment...to pay my fees.  Thanks again for your good work.


Glenn Havumaki

Glenn Havumaki

Dear Christianna,

We were contacted by Executive Housing Strategies, requesting transfer of points for rental. We feel the process was successful so far. We have received the rental money, and look forward to renting additional points in the near future.


Richard Mahl

RCIHARD MAHL Executive Housing Strategies Client 7/28/15

I just signed up to rent my festival and Rtx points. I spoke with Laura Rodriguez and Colin Asinari . Both these representatives were very professional, informative, polite and friendly. I am excited and hopeful that I will get rid of some extra points I have and make some extra money.

Carol Soricelli

Samantha was so helpful! I was also able to find out they can make the bookings for me with my approval, which helps as I am not too computer savvy!

Judy Kretzschmer

We signed up with Executive Housing Strategies a few months ago. They did a rental for us in September. They were very helpful in helping me make the reservation for the rental.

We received our money on time. We are looking forward to doing business with them in the future.

Patsy Ballou





Patsy Ballou

I finally received a rental and the process went smoothly! They should not allow changes as I had to make one that cost me more points.

Todd Hitzeroth

Renter Testimonial: I got the best rate for a property in Puerto Rico!

Shawanda Gamble

Renter Testimonial: Samantha was fantastic!

Nancy Grohman

Renter Testimonial: Samantha was so helpful in finding me a cheap rental! 

Jeanne Thornhill

I used executive housing strategies to book my time share rental.
Christianna did my booking and was awesome. She made sure everything went smooth.
I look forward to dealing with her again.
Thank you

Trevor Bridgeman 2/10/16

I have been very pleased with the services rendered by EHS team. They are always professional and extremely helpful when answering questions or assisting with how to make reservations. I will admit that I was skeptical about joining because I had a bad experience before. Thanks for renting our timeshare property.

Peggy Tisdale

Peggy Tisdale

After several months, we were able to use some of our points for rental. The staff at Executive Housing Strategies were VERY helpful in assisting with the rental process. We hope to be able to have more rentals soon! Thank you!

Judy Darwin 2/18/16

This experience with Christianna and staff was absolutely wonderful! When the first rental they lined up fell through because the client had not cleared their calendar in advance, they found a different client within two days and we have already been paid! They walked me through the entire process - what my time share needed to do, what I needed to do and how, and patiently stayed on line until I'd finished everything I needed to.

I was hesitant about signing with EHS - I'd signed with a different company a little over a year ago, and heard nothing from them after they got their money. EHS has given me guidelines on getting a refund from that experience - and once done, all my maintenance fees with be covered with a bit of change to spare!
Great experience...recommend it to anyone as a way to keep ahead of expenses and enjoy your timeshare benefits even when you can't travel!



Curtis Becker

To Whom It May Concern,
For the second year in a row, I've had the great pleasure of working with Christianna Matthews of Executive Rentals in obtaining a vacation rental unit in Orlando, Florida.  As a member of *******, I look for advertised vacation rentals on that website.  In searching for units in Orlando, Florida, I found promising ads both in 2016 and 2017.  Both times, I wound up getting units through Ms. Matthews.
After making the initial contact with Christianna through ******, I was able to correspond with her directly via email.  She responded amazingly quickly to my initial inquiry both years.  She is incredibly helpful and easy to work with as she found exactly what I was looking for at a price that was right for me.  The process she uses makes it very easy on the customer as she finds what you are looking for and then notifies you of what is available.  She even offers alternatives in case you may be interested in other options.
Once you have decided on what you want to accept, the payment process couldn't be easier.  Christianna provides you with an email address to which to make payment via PayPal and it is simply a matter of going to PayPal from there to follow the usual PayPal payment process.  This is a simple, safe and convenient way to pay.
I really couldn't be happier than I am with Christianna Matthews.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and very easy to work with.  I will certainly be happy to use her services again in the future when I am looking for vacation rentals.  Kudos to Christianna and to Executive Rentals.
Lowell Lima

Lowell Lima

Renter Testimonial: 

I had so much fun, I wish it would've been longer than just a weekend. Everyone who worked there from security guards to the recreational director who played pool scrabble with my daughter were absolutely helpful and friendly. 
The hotel was gorgeous, our room sumptuous and I haven't slept so well in months though I'm sure having a balcony view of the beach helps!! 
We relaxed, laughed and had a blast. I would stay there again in a heartbeat. In fact, please let me know when you have a vacancy again, I'm you're girl!! 
Thank you again for a marvelous weekend. 
Lisa Marie 

Lisamarie Lewis

I spoke with Jordan from EHS today. He is very patient, he explained everything well and he wants to make sure the customer is well informed and happy. I am a very cautious person when it comes to impulse buying. I keep Jordan on the phone for 3 hours questioning him about every review I found on the internet. He never go impatient or unprofessional. He never over promised and he gave me all the facts that I needed to make the decision to purchase. If everyone at EHS is half as professional as Jordan then I know I will have a positive experience. Jordan and others, be on the lookout for a followup review within 6 months. As for now I approve and recommend this company

Donyell Myles

Renter Testimonial: Samantha was helpful in booking my room in Nashville and was very informative.

Carmella Tulimero

Renter Testimonials: I recently worked with Samantha to reserve a room at the Hilton Grand Vacation in Orlando at Seaworld. I just wanted to let you know that she did a fantastic job in helping me from the time I made the inquiry of the rental to the actual booking and paying on PayPal to the owner. She walked me through every step of the process and made sure everything was taken care along the way. She is a very courteous and attentive worker. Thanks,

Ed Vargo 


Ed Vargo

everything went great , the process was easy and fast.

Ann Marie Craig

These people are the real thing. They just rented some of my points for 625$ dollars thanks.

Charles Casaburi

EHS contacted us while we were on vacation and we were over whelmed by the quick response. We signed the contract one week and were able to rent the next week and received the money order the next week. We are looking forward to more rental since we will not be able to use all of our points.

Thanks for contacting us.

Maebelle Hudson

Renter Testimonial: Great service! We will be enjoying our stay in Nashville. 

Priscilla Hottle

Samantha was able to help me save about $300 for my 8 night rental at Wyndham Bonnet Creek (it was even cheaper than booking using the employee discount of a friend who works for Wyndham!)

Eduardo Serrano Sr

We are getting started using executive Housing Strategies Inc to use some of our points for rental. Laura at Executive Housing Strategies was very helpful getting us signed up and we are excited to be able to rent out our condo to offset some of the points we are not able to use. Thanks again Laura

Rose Henry

The rental process worked, but I will not consider that it worked for me until I have received a net profit after your fees and other RCI fees for the booking. I will be losing points if I don't get another booking before the end of the year. I look forward to receiving a longer booking soon.

Peter Muir

Peter Muir

Hi Christianna,

This is Rachelle Decker-Dumadag. My family and I recently had a transaction with you about a 4 night stay at the Emerald Grand in Destin on Aug.12 to 16. I just want to let you know how much we appreciate your accommodation. The place was amazing and very convenient. Thank you so much. My family and I had an amazing time there.

August 16, 2016

Rachelle Decker-Dumadag

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